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Greatness is not in where we stand, but in what direction we are moving. Sky Management Software, a complete Export and License management system, enables you to move towards perfection in your exports, adding intelligence to your system.

Merging Intelligence with Exports

Management of export business is a tremendously elaborate task that requires a dedicated and a carefully designed system for controlling and absorbing various requirements. To revolutionize the management of your exports business, we at Everex Infotech presents Sky Export Plus®

Sky Export Plus® is the most comprehensive window based export documentation software solution suite that functionally covers documentation, management of business intelligence reports and license management. It helps you march forward with confidence in the competitive export industry since it helps in an almost error free documentation and management of export transactions. It provides you with all the tools that assist in executing a perfect export order.

Sky Export Plus® take your exports business to unexplored heights

In India the growth of export market has been phenomenal. Owing to this,an extremely competitive environment has emerged and every exporter has to be at its competitive edge. Sky Export Plus ® gives every export that competitive edge.

Sky Export Plus ® minimizes the sales cycle, saves time in customs documentation, maximizes the utilization of exports incentives and licenses,increases sales through strategic sales analysis tools, accelerates the process of reporting leading to corrective decisions and enables one to avoid penalties using system generated Pre-Alerts. Our perfected software solution also helps in keeping in line with the statutory requirement to government bodies and banking sectors.


  • Manage Exports right from Inquiry Received to Payment Realized stage
  • State of ttle art and user friendly interface
  • Faciity of &mailing and faxing of documents
  • Elcport of data to Taly Accounting Software and MS Excel
  • Item master can be created wth images of item
  • Data entry screens look similar to the actual documents
  • User Defined Reports generation
  • Barcode Label
  • Barcode Label (for Pharma)
  • Packing ist can be generated as per users format
  • LC Expiry and last date of shipment alarming
  • Advance License Alerts
  • Check list for documents required
  • User defined letters
  • Utility like messaging and chatting ttlrough LAN network [only in multi user varsion)
  • Label printing
  • User defined fields can be added to Masters and Documents
  • Invoice Documents (Attached other documents)

Pre-Shipment Documents

Sky Export Plus®enables you to effectively manage the pre-shipment stages by providing you documents in detail for each stage. Following pre-shipmant documents are created by Sky Export Plus®

  • Cost Sheet
  • Order Acceptance
  • Inquiry
  • Quotation
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Invoice
  • Packing Lists (5 types)
    1. General Packing List
    2. Chemical Packing List
    3. Columnar Packing List
    4. Combine Packing List
    5. Garments Packing List
  • Draft Bill of Lading
  • Form SDF
  • GSP Certificate
  • Marine Insurance Declaration
  • Shipping Instructions
  • Shipment Advice
  • Intimation for Inspection
  • Certificate of Inspection
  • Certificate of Health
  • Certificate of Analysis (Chemical)
  • Correspondence with shipping lines
  • E-Way Bill. Generate JSON File
  • GST Invoice (INDIA)
  • Ghana Invoice
  • Shrimp Exporters Declaration (US)
  • Canada Invoice
  • Certificate of Origin (8 chambers)
    1. Certificate of Non Preferential
    2. ASEAN-INDIA Free Trade
    3. Gujarat Chamber
    4. Certificate of Origin Chile-India
    5. Certificate of Origin India-Korea
    6. Federation of Nigeria
    7. Sharjah Chamber of Commerce
    8. Certificate of Australia

Post-Shipment Documents

Sky Export Plus® enables youto effectively manage the post-shipment stages by providing you documents in detail for each stage.Following post-shipment documents are created.

  • Bank Invoice
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Commercial Packing List
  • Bills of Exchange
  • Cost Sheet
  • Bank Certificate - Horizontal Format [Form No.1]
  • Bank Certificate - Vertical Format [Form No.1]
  • Letter to Bank for collection / negotiation

Reports, Registers and Returns

Sky Export Plus® creates all the reports that you would require in your export business.The facility of generating various MIS Reports keeps you in control of the performance of your business or organization. Following reports can be created by Sky Export Plus®

  • Export Register
  • Consignee wise Exports
  • Country wise Exports
  • Item wise Exports
  • Pending Order details
  • FOB Sales report
  • Outstanding payment report
  • Cost Sheet Register
  • Currency wise Exports
  • Consignee master printing
  • User defined reports
  • Incentive Registers
  • LC Register
  • Advance Licence Status report
  • Council returns
  • Drawback Register (DBK]
  • Merchandise Export from India Scheme (MEIS]

Other Important Documents

Sky Export Plus®creates EDI shipping bills,taking care of all your bill creation needs. Following EDI shipping bills are created by Sky Export Plus®

  • EDI Shipping Bills
    1. Annexure A
    2. Annexure B
    3. Annexure C
  • DBK Documents
    1. Appendix 1OA
    2. Appendix 1OB advance licence application form

Advantages of Sky Export Plus®

The difference between ordinary and excellent is miniscule.Excellenceis not a singular act, but a habit. You become what you repeatedly do. By embedding our product with minor advantages over other products, we have made it a habit to present our customers with only the best. Sky Export Plus® is no exception to this work philosophy of ours. It is powered by numerous advantages that make it significant for the export industry.

  • It offers excellent flexibility at different stages of documentation
  • Systematic flow of data avoids duplication of work
  • Faster generation of documents
  • Validation avoids the chance of errors
  • LC Expiry and last date of shipment alarming
  • User friendly interface makes the understanding of the software easy for a laymen as well

"Production is not the application of tools to materials, but logic to work." - Peter F Drucker

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