The Complete Inventory Management Suite with Financial Accounting


Everex Infotech is customer-centric and aims to provide technology with comprehensive solutions to simplify your IT environment, Overcome your business challenges, Increase your sales, Maximize returns, and Achieve your goals.

We at Everex Infotech, endeavor to provide a cost-effective delivery methodology while focusing on quality standards, exceeding user expectations and creating an extraordinary business environment for both employees and end customers.

We help industries in Managing Inventory, Order processing, Job work, and Document management In a structured manner through an easy and simple mechanism called Sky ERP GST Plus.

Sky ERP GST Plus is a comprehensive Web-based software that lets you gain better control in business operations with full GST compliance. Built on four modules Inventory Management, Order Processing, Job work, and Document Management, the software is designed to reduce overheads, improve efficiency and manage non-core business functions.

It enables you to manage Orders and Inventory. With powerful Inventory control, Order processing, Job work and Document management modules, you can now optimize your Inventory and Order management, right from purchase to sales, to GST returns.

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