Digital Marketing & Solution

Digital Marketing & Solution

Marketing has always been about connecting with the audience, making them aware of your offerings and leaving an insightful impact which intrigues them to try your products. Everex reaches out to clients on the internet, through mobile platforms, digital channels such as search engines, social media, emails and their websites as well as social advertising. Everex’s web services team has designed and developed successful brand campaigns for many clients, to promote brand consciousness that stands out and imprints itself on the viewer.

Starting with the brand research regarding stakeholders and target audience to brand building strategies for different target areas and viewers, polishing up the brand identity with brand collaterals, logos, graphics, advertising catch-lines, brand imagery, etc. to brand packaging in attractive and captivating details – we manage the lifecycle for your brand.

Everex’s strategic branding solutions encompass a broad range of industries and diverse industry needs globally and locally to connect with current and prospective customers. Our experienced and robust brand and design professionals treat each separate brand building exercise as a challenge. Everex web service teams collaborate and implement innovative approaches to the principles of branding and design that make the brand come alive and become a known name. We offer content marketing services that include but are not limited to:


Everex’s talented marketing team is aware that the entire process of creating a brand identity plays a very important role on how the company is perceived and creates the visual language by which the brand communicates to its customers. We build a successful brand through exhaustive content marketing, vibrant graphics and UI to develop a strategy that is closely aligned with the company’s marketing and the customer’s needs. We deliver impactful social media brand familiarity through campaigns around strong brand message to ensure that the brand shines in the limelight.

Website Content

Your brand is what it is portrayed as – content is the king and this applies to your website too. The web development, marketing and content teams contribute to an effective content strategy design and the content experts create content to match the strategies. Ensuring that the website content visual, written or graphic is eye-catching, promotes the brand consciousness, figures in maximum searches, is relevant, engaging and effectively written content is savvy and has effective outreach is of utmost importance and we help achieve this objective. To evaluate the impact of content we also perform meticulous grading and ranking processes which help us understand how to make the efforts more effective.

Marketing Content

Marketing includes communicating to build the brand presence with all verticals, internal and external consumers at all times. To achieve an empowering brand awareness, the marketing teams at Everex ensure complete coverage of the brand across all advertising avenues like print, media, internet, Social Media platforms, etc. combined with findings of the Brand Surveys. These provide valuable insights to the marketing team to understand the customer preferences which is used to devise meaningful content that will appeal to the target audience. Our marketing includes researching, ideating and creating winning print and online content for all marketing collateral – editorials, videos, blogs, ads, etc.

Social media content

Everex has a dedicated team of Social Media experts who research on the various market requirements, temperaments, ups-and-lows, etc. conditions to categorize the buyer’s persona and to find the most cost-effective way of sharing product content. This also helps in focusing efforts with a strong and effective social media distribution plan, in a specific, effective and result oriented approach while advertising and promoting the product on social media platforms.

Along with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and YouTube Everex’s media team also helps with Infographic content, Blogs, guides, Whitepapers, etc. Regular monitoring and managing of the accounts, follower engagement through timely updates is carried out in an efficient way and content that is relevant to the brand for a powerful media campaign of the brand’s presence online is added periodically.

Our digital marketing offerings include:

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