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Open Source Application Development

Everex InfoTech offers open source development and helps with design, development, testing and managing of your applications to help businesses save on efforts, resources, time and money. Quality compliant and fully customizable solutions with superior performance and high scalability that help automate client business processes across domains are the advantages gained from our open source development. Everex shares its expertise in a wide range of open-source CMS such as Drupal, PHP, MYSQL, Joomla and WordPress. Our web platform includes Java, Javascript, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, JSON, Mysql, JBoss, Jasper Reports, etc.

Everex utilizes latest technologies that help our clients benefit through open development to improve their overall business with comparatively economic development costs and more flexibility of usage. Everex offers customized software solutions as per your specifications and requirements. We have the expertise in driving business technology to help businesses and enterprises deliver scalable, secure, real-time product information and high-performing online solutions to customers. Our customized business solutions are developed to explicitly suit your business process and Operational requirements.

Everex specializes in Website Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media services – all encompassed in our superior web services blanket.

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