Graphics & UI/UX Design

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Graphics & UI/UX Design

The word Graphics, itself give us an idea that we are looking at some graphical representation or image which conveys the message in a very effective way. In most of the cases we notice that messages conveyed via a graphical image is easy to understand and helps to communicate the message or the offering in very effective way. Also by the very nature of the visuals, graphics can also be understood by any illiterate people and by people not having knowledge of the language used. Hence it becomes all the more important that the graphic designer understands this fact and works on the design of the matter in such a way that it takes care of the important points mentioned below:

Logo & stationery designing:

As an accomplished Logo design company in Mumbai we take the onus on ourselves to provide our clients the character which helps them get respect and is capable of portraying the organization values, objective, vision and mission. Logo Designing work appears to be very easy but is all the more complex due to the very kind of expectations one has from the company logo. Understanding that the Logo will be the face of the firm and people including the customers, vendors and staff will remember it as the identity they work with, the importance of an experienced logo design company becomes all the more critical.

Our corporate logo design process begins with a brief from the client as to their expectations and demands that the logo should fulfill. This also includes answers to the preferred colors, the tag line, the company name other similarities and aversions. We then come up with a few logo layout options for the client to give us feedback on and from their process of fine tuning and modifying stay till the client is not satisfied with the final logo. We suggest that you have a glance at our logo scheme portfolio to get an idea about our past logo design expertise and also to help us with more detailed brief about your logo design specification.

  • Visiting Cards

    When it comes to visiting cards, they should have a very effective look and feel. For they might have a deep impression on a person the very moment he glances at them. Visiting cards come in a pattern of sizes, shapes, designs, colors, etc. None the less, more innovative the blend of color, design and font used in visiting cards, the better it is in making a statement. Not only comprising of the Company's Logo, Name and Contact details but there is also scope for innovation and creativity in business card designing.

  • Envelope

    Envelope is not only used to cover a letter, it has to articulate a lot about the company, for a person who accepts an organization's letter, even as he is about to tear away the envelope, he will for a few moments hold back and appreciate the look and quality of an envelope. They come in many variations to cover up different types of content right from a simple letter to even catalogs and booklets. None the less, when it gets to a client, customer or a lead for that matter, an envelope with a unique look may seal the fate. Envelops are also an effective way of advertising as they usually are more prominent to other people

  • Letter Head

    As important as the envelopes that cover it, letterheads usually include the contents that are essential and to be seriously examined by the person reading them. This is the very purpose that layout and design of a letterhead is very important. Letterhead are generally used to write type or print content and hence have more blank space for writing, while at the top or in the corners; a company's name and logo are printed.

Web Graphics & Emailer Designs

Today most of your business communication is done via e-mails as they are not only formal and legitimate but also useful and cost effective. Gone are the days, when one used to get dozens of seasonal cards via post or any other direct marketing content. With the arrival of technology and extent of internet, newsletters and emails have already dominated the other modes of written communication.

Hence due to its wide spread importance it is very critical to have proper email created which is easy to view and is compatible with multiple operating systems. When it comes to the structure and make of an e-mail, it has to be done with accuracy and a dash of creativity, for the fact that its content, layout, design, feel should be one with a brand's signature. It must always have a touch of innovation into it and never at any cost monotonous. All in all, a potent e-mailer or newsletter with the help of all modern improvements see to it that people don't just ignore it as spam but rather go through the content completely and think confidently of the brand as well.

Powerpoint Presentations (PPT)

Presentations have become an indispensable part for any sales promotion or marketing activity. Business presentations not only help to link the communication gap between the parties in communication, but also preserve the time as much of the content can be envisioned. Everex Infotech can present you with Corporate Presentations, Multimedia presentations or a blend of both. If you want we can also connect with your advertising agency to work on such presentations. However most of the presentations created by us are also formulated by us so as to meet the budget limits of the client.

  • Multimedia presentations

    Multimedia presentations are usually required for large functions or meetings. A combination of Audio and Visual effects composes a perfect Multimedia presentation. Voice over and movie files add to the vivacity of such presentations.

  • Corporate Presentations

    Corporate Presentations are usually made for objectives where a detailed description about the company, its merchandise portfolio etc has to be given to the clients. This makes the task of the marketing manager easier as he/she does not has to go though the complete description that the client can gain from the presentation.

Website/APP UI/UX Designing

Today, a website is crucial for every company or organization. It's must to have a nicely designed website as it reflects the company's position and credibility. A properly designed website can also help companies to lessen its cost of sales, this is possible because websites are one of the most cost effective and reasonable marketing instrument and can be affordable to any small business also. Websites were mainly considered as information dissemination system wherein a visitor can get all the required details about the particular company, but with rising adoption of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, websites are now considered as marketing tool and a right spot to get new customers for your business. By having a search engine friendly website idea for your company and then getting the same promoted by a Search Engine Optimization company which can present you best search engine rankings towards key-phrases Eg: Website Design Mumbai, Web Design Company Mumbai, etc. You will be able to produce much more qualified leads and increase your companies online clarity with our SEO friendly website layout. Also search engine optimization is simpler said than done and not all web design organizations or website designers can understand the complexities of SEO.

With Everex Infotech, you don't have to bother about the both (Website Designing and Search Engine Optimization) as we not only present Web Design services from our Mumbai office, but also deliver SEO services to many of our satisfied customers since 2004. Many of our customers in Mumbai and across the globe are reaping the benefits of top search engine positions and have successfully accelerated their growth rate. However with so many website designers in Mumbai it has become challenging to select the right website design company who recognizes the subject of website design, web hosting, website marketing as well as website maintenance.

We are a medium sized Website Design organization with our office in Mumbai, backed by the team of people with a background of Managerial, Marketing and Creative Experience, which helps us to understand your needs and requirements in a better way. Over the years we have created and designed over 500+ websites for various businesses and individuals like hostels,hotels,hospitals medical institutes, doctors, industrial tools and equipments, office stationery, etc with various platforms and can offer you one stop solution for all your website design specifications. In short, your hunt for a Website Design Company in Mumbai has just got over.

  • Responsive Website Design

    Initially, people used to browse the web only on their PC's or Laptop's. With the fast development in fields of technology and infrastructure, now people surf while on the go, on their Tablet's and Mobiles. Due to this possessing a Responsive Website becomes all the more important, as the word says responsive. The best part of such websites is that it adjusts to the screen resolution of the device you have opened the website on.

    A responsive website can always give a better browsing exposure to a user and are also suggested for Search Engine Optimization. Responsive web design services are modern age Internet concepts which have unleashed a modern era of web-surfing altogether! These new website ensure a clearly better surfing experience, and grab whole attention of your target observer. In fact search engine like Google favors to place responsive website higher on their search result pages, because a responsive website will be simple to browse for its users.

  • Website Maintenance

    Creating a website is not an end to the e-Presence for your business. This site has to be nourished with periodical updates so as to get the best ranking and present updated information to the clients. We implement cost effective Website Maintenance to the clients who have created the site through us and also to customers who have created it from any other web designers. We are free to have any type of contract with the Client. It could be a Total Website Maintenance Contract or a Partial Website Maintenance Contract. We are also ready to create a customised presentation for Website Maintenance as required by the client.

  • Database Driven Websites

    We can present you with innovative answers so that you can manage your websites all by yourself. We can equip you with administrative tools so that you can handle the site easily without being knowledgeable of a single line of scripting. Unlike our rivals, we not only provide dynamic choices for creating a site created through HTML, ASP, PHP, Javascript or JSP but we also provide dynamically built Flash sites.

  • E-commerce sites

    Online Commerce also known as e-commerce will be a requirement for all business within a year or two. This will be particularly so because with the opening up of the Indian economy and with escalating competition their will be a need for the Indian players not only to secure their current forte of business but to also experiment the foreign countries with same spirit and enthusiasm. Trading online and purchasing online has become a norm and Indian players will have to get accomplished with it.

  • Shopping Systems

    Online shopping earns you a global firm without much investment. We can present you with shopping systems combined into your existing sites at effective price. Shopping cart enabled sites enables you to have the World as your market place and your business operates without any boundaries.

  • Online Payments

    Receiving online payment has become also very essential so as to have a quick money transfer from your clients abroad. Conventional money transfer options do not offer you with the same swiftness of transaction as online payments do. We can combine your site so that your client can deposit money into your bank account through his credit card.

Advertisement Creatives

Creatives is the artwork, design and concept that goes into a website design or ad. Creatives represent the “very core message of marketing” and encapsulate the major themes to be communicated to the target audience.

Creatives compose crucial part of the marketing campaign because in marketing channels it is very important that what your audience feels about your message and how well creatives have delivered the message.

If you want to publish your advertisement in any magazine or create a banner choose us. Or if you want to design a hoarding you can contact us.

Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets, Menus

Here you get all kinds of Brochure Flyers,Leaflets Design. Designs in the form of PDFs, emails, die cuts, pamphlets- WE DO IT ALL. Furthermore, if you seek for foldable brochure layouts with 4-6 panels, we give you that customization option as well.

  • Our experts have extensive know-how in balancing content and images to devising that alluring appeal.
  • With those needy patterns, we also ensure the printed content is specific, explanatory and makes sense to your clients.
  • Our experts also have the exposure to make use of suitable texts, symbols, and other elements.